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May 14, 2024Posts

Digital transformation in sportswear distribution: streamlining go to market with technology.

Sportwear brands are embracing transformative digital solutions, streamlining their go to market with technology to foster faster and more efficient distribution strategies.

From planning, merchandising to distribution here is how digital transformation is reshaping the industry go to market.

AI predictive analytics

By harnessing the power of AI, brands can forecast demand and build their line architecture with remarkable accuracy, ensuring they have the right products available when and where they are needed. Supply chain disruptions are minimized through smart and proactive planning, while pricing optimization becomes a breeze with AI algorithms analyzing market trends in real-time. Moreover, trend analysis and reports keep brands ahead of the curve, and assortment planning becomes finely tuned to customer preferences. This data-driven approach that involves streamlining go to market with technology also allows for personalized marketing campaigns, targeting customers with precision and boosting conversion rates.

In essence, AI predictive analytics is the catalyst for a streamlined, agile, and customer-centric go to market strategy in sportswear distribution.

Collaborative and business-driven SaaS

Highly scalable and fully integrated collaborative Saas platforms have replaced some functionality of monolithic PLM platforms big sportwear brands like Nike, adidas and Under Armour were previously relying on by fostering visual-first, real-time and global collaboration between stakeholders, breaking down traditional silos and nurturing seamless communication. Designers can swiftly share their creative visions with line planners, who, in turn, can carefully supervise the planning process while tracking and handling requests for changes and modifications from all contributors across the organization. Merchandisers gain immediate insights into market trends and consumer demands to build intuitive assortments, while sales teams can access up-to-date product information to drive customer engagement.

This collaborative approach ensures agility, reduces lead times, and enables brands to respond sooner to market shifts, ultimately leading to faster and more efficient go to market.


Automation plays a pivotal role in the distribution process, making it faster and more efficient than ever before. With automatic ordering based on fulfilment capacity, sportswear brands can ensure optimal stock levels and avoid under or overstocking scenarios. Automatic catalog generation per client, complete with customized currency and price restrictions, streamlines the process of presenting tailored assortments to different markets and buyers. Additionally, automatic data and inventory updates for all stakeholders, including buyers and customers, ensure real-time visibility into product availability and order status.

This level of automation not only saves time but also enhances accuracy and responsiveness by more than 92%, leading to a smooth distribution process.

Digital showrooms and virtual samples

Digital showrooms and virtual samples are transforming the sportswear distribution process by offering faster and more efficient ways to bring products to market. With digital showrooms, brands can showcase their latest collections in high resolution imagery in 2D or 3D to buyers and retailers remotely, reducing lead time and eliminating the need for physical samples and travel. This not only saves time and costs but also keep record of all your articles in one centralized location for immediate feedback and decision-making.

In conclusion, by leveraging these technologies, sportswear brands can streamline their go to market process, enhance customer experiences, improve collaboration, and drive business growth. reduce lead times, and improve collaboration between designers, planners, and buyers.

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Streamlining go to market with technology