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Our order collection & management features

Our platform gives you the ability to fast-tracks your wholesale and B2B buying process and boost your sales. 

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B2B Orders Collection & Consolidation

We offer various features that facilitate your order entry and reduce the time required to manage multiple orders for different buyers at the same time.

The buyer’s selection is seamlessly converted into an order and submitted directly to you using our cloud platform.

Your customer service and the sales team will have real-time visibility of order placement and consolidations reducing the time spend on administrative activities and maximizing the focus on sales growth.

We have been using Trasix since 2018 and as an SME it’s the perfect value for money option. The easy to use csv and image upload features allow us to keep our collections organized. The online instruction manual is well written, and the Support Desk has always been quick to step in when needed. The Easy Order downloads to Excel or Power Point is where we have gained the most accuracy and efficiency. After downloading, we can customize and create simple Power Point catalogs, showing a customer their final collection selection quickly, and provide clean Excel order forms to customers without hours of formatting. The images on the Easy Order Excel order forms are the most helpful feature as pre-Trasix we would spend hours copying and pasting to create these, then need someone to review for accuracy. Excel is how most of our customers place orders, a few larger customers do like to use the Trasix software itself, it’s nice to have the flexibility of both.

Kim Brasko Managing Director - COÉGA Sunwear

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