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August 2, 2021Features

Trasix partners with the virtual collaboration 3D solution Polygon

Trasix, the cloud platform for merchandising and order management has announced a new partnership with Polygon Labs, a creative services and software solutions studio focusing on B2B collaboration 3D showrooms.

The partnership will complete the Trasix offer to brands in the fashion and sporting goods industry.

Andre Labaki, Founder and CEO at Trasix said: “We are thrilled to announce that Polygon Labs is an official partner of Trasix. Their Forum platform will seamlessly integrate into our solution and will complement our current 3D merchandizing offering by adding a full 3D Virtual Environment to work with the assortments maintained in Trasix.”

David Jorba, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at Polygon Labs said: “The partnership with the leading merchandising and B2B order capture platform like Trasix takes our Forum B2B collaboration solution to the next level of functionality by providing a seamless end-to-end integration between highly efficient product management workflow and top tier digital-twin visualization tools.”

About Trasix
Trasix offers a unified cloud-based platform to the fashion and sporting goods industry that enables:
- Seamless Line Planning
- Merchandizing and building seasonal assortments
- B2B Order capture and consolidation
- 3D Sample Virtualization and presentation
We merge innovation with easy-to-use technology to streamline the go-to-market journey. We are on a mission to increase our customers’ sales in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
Our innovative team has been thriving since 2011 to deliver a platform that is used worldwide by most of the leading market players. To date we server over 8400 daily users that manage their assortments and collect orders with a yearly value exceeding USD 6.1 billion.

About Polygon Labs
Polygon Labs is a creative services and software solutions company focusing on engaging data and content visualization for the Media Industry. We design and develop some of the most engaging virtual collaboration, mixed reality, data visualization, and real-time graphics solutions. Making data your story through powerful visualization.

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